Waves of Grief

Photo by Mu00fccahit inci on Pexels.com

Grief comes like waves; some subtly cover your heart like waves gently coming to and fro, washing over the filth of past shame, guilt, and regret. Grief says, “Come sit with me for a while; I wish you no harm. Healing is my desire. With me, there is no shame; I know the depth of your heart, pain subdued like the depths of the sea. There is no guilt in me. Let me transform your regret into humility so you can feel free.

Yet Mercy comes in like a gentle breeze, tenderly wiping her tears away like a lover looks compassionately at his bride. He tenderly draws her near and lovingly gazes at her teary eyes; He sees her pain, connects, and embraces her soul.

So, in stillness, she closes her eyes and acknowledges her Sadness like an old friend. Then, together with Mercy, they quietly sit and listen to their hearts beating in rhythmic tune as Grace sings the song of Love. Together, they feel Sadness, sorrow, nurture, and comfort. She doesn’t want to stay, the pain is intense.

However, Sadness says, “let me grieve so I can heal.
I will come again, but not the same. Let me integrate Sadness with Joy, and we will keep their memory alive. Let me stay, let me feel, let me be cleansed through your tears, as they are as deep as the sea. I want to live, Love, and laugh again. I want to thrive like a tree and stretch out my branches, but I cannot until I grieve. Please stay awhile, don’t push me away, don’t repress me, stay with me, let Love hold you near while I mourn.”

So they sit quietly holding one another, gazing at the sea: no spoken words, just quiet serenity communicating heart to heart. Then, when the waves of grief come crashing against her chest, the pain they feel is unbearably intense as though drowning in sorrow, she can’t breathe, yet she feels a pull lifting her. She catches a breath, and her ears open to a song of Peace singing,
“Peace, peace, be still; It is I the Lord, I am here.”

Psalm 34, John 11:35, John 4:13, Psalm 56, Psalm 46