She Fell Asleep

After seven long years of battling ovarian cancer, my baby sister, Sandy, fell asleep in the Lord Jesus. My heart hurts for her husband, children, and grandchildren right now. Sandy was a warrior here on earth and she fought hard and didn’t let the sickness stop her from living fully and loving her family fully; she gave to others through her actions even on her worst days. She, too, lost her son tragically just a couple of years ago, and now she is with him.

My sister inspired many, especially those diagnosed with cancer after her, and she encouraged them daily on her post to fight by living and giving. She lived one day at a time and made the most of each day; she said each day was a gift from God. She practiced what she preached through her actions. Although we knew this day was coming, it didn’t make it easier. Although we know she isn’t suffering anymore, it doesn’t make our loss easier; losing Sandy is a significant loss to many, and my heart aches deeply for her. Please pray for her family.

I got to spend time with her last month, and the whole time, she kept telling me how much she loved me. Tears flowed from my eyes because I knew she was saying goodbye, and she reached out to let all those she loved know how special they were to her and she kept her faith in the Lord until the end. Rest Sis, I’ll see you soon.