The Third Heaven

The Lord’s Army

I Dedicate to my Son, his Father, and all the Fathers who sacrificed their lives for our children. I was blind, but now I see what the devil intended for evil God made for Good; our son did follow in his footsteps, only he serves in the heavenly places. Happy Father’s Day.

Mighty Men of Valor, Three Strands Are Not Easily Broken

After the death of Elizebeth’s son, she sat alone, grieving and praying by his grave; surprisingly, she saw a man’s shoes standing before her. When she looked up, it was Javan, the son of the devil, her ex-husband, who she had escaped from.

“Why are you here?” she exclaimed, trying to hide her fear.’

“Your prayers couldn’t even save your son,” Javan said sarcastically with an evil grin,  

“Why do you continue to pray when God doesn’t hear your prayers.” 

“Oh, but He does; He saved my son years ago when you were unaware,” Elizebeth said as she composed herself on her feet. 

However, Javan reminded her of God’s laws and told her because she had sinned and would not submit to him as a good Christian wife should; God took her son away from her.

Elizebeth laughed, saying, “I was preparing my children and grandchildren for the Kingdom of God while you were sleepwalking. I saw you were the son of the devil years ago, so I learned how to survive in enemy territory and keep my children safe from the likes of you!” 

“Oh, but I am also saved, and God protected and blessed me,” said Javan.

“Your mouth confessed, Jesus, even the demons confess the LORD, but your heart is wicked, and like a coward, you hid beneath the umbrella of protection and blessing of my prayers. Like a glutton, you consumed the fruit of my labor. You are on your own now; the sword you used to try and destroy me will pierce your heart.” She said as she looked around for anyone to call for help.

Javan morphed into the demon within, laughed aloud, and said, “Who will protect you here on Earth now that Ramon is dead? I have full access to you after I ambushed him at his weakest moment, and I have isolated you by turning everyone against you. Even your daughters believed me when I convinced them you were insane! I know your secrets; this was a great tool to keep you isolated. Ah, I have mastered your shame. I saw your heart’s longing; I kept you two apart with my lies; I am the father of lies!”

“Your days are numbered, the GOD of all creation; everything He made in Heaven and Earth is His, and He makes all things good for those who love and trust Him. You killed my son’s physical body; however, you didn’t know that while you were building your physical fortress through Javan, and all your other minons, I was building my spiritual fortress with the help of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT. My daughters belong to Jesus, and they and their children are sealed with the Blood of Jesus; they are wiser than you think. They, too, fight for the good of others for the Kingdom of God. My son is now a soldier in the heavenly; his father is an earthly soldier who is also a kingdom builder, and when I bow in prayer and cry to GOD MOST HIGH, He comes with His Mighty Army in the spiritual and physical realm.” (Psalm 68, Psalm 118)

At that moment, darkness fell, and fear consumed Elizbeth; she was trembling and fell to her knees and prayed to God,

“Who will fight for me? Who is going stand up and defend me in my hour of need, for it was my son You raised to defend me; now I have no one to shield me from this wicked man, Lord.”

Suddenly, she heard what sounded like an army approaching her, and as she looked up, she saw what looked like Mighty Warriors all around her. They came dressed in the armor of God; and saw her son standing next to the Commander and Chief of the Lord’s Army, Jesus Christ. Elizebeth worshipped the Lord in Spirit and Truth. She saw the Lord’s Heavenly Army, and then in real-time, friends, family, and even strangers formed a wall of protection around her. A strong wind stirred, and Javan saw Ramon standing behind his mother like a mighty warrior with a shield and sword and saw what looked like an army of powerful men surrounding them; Javan trembled and fled. 

Elizebeth felt an overwhelming love as though Christ was holding her close. She was ashamed because she raged at God after hearing the news of her son’s death, believing He would never forgive her for the words she said. However, she remembered this feeling from years past while standing by the ocean, unwed, pregnant, and afraid. Elizebeth never forgot the warmth she felt in her soul: a peace she had never experienced. She felt safe, loved, and cared for. There were no feelings of condemnation, or shame, only a gentle breeze drying her tears as she looked ahead toward her and her unborn child’s future and prayed for her child’s father’s safety in the military and stationed on what seemed like the other side of the ocean. They did not separate well, her family moved her out of state, and his family denied their child. Now as an older mature woman of God, she finds herself back in this space and time; however, this time, she knows the God who stood by her that day many years before is still the same, and the battle her son faced was victorious. However, the enemy wanders, seeking to destroy her son’s children and their offspring. And she also had daughters from Javan, whom he had no desire to do right by them. Elizabeth’s mission was clear from that day forward; the Lord had awakened the prayer warrior to rise within, ready to enter the spiritual battlefield to free captives; the enemy is after the souls of saints’ children and their offspring. 

The Second Visitation

Weeks passed since her last encounter with her wicked ex-husband, and finally, Elizebeth felt safe enough to mourn her son peaceably; however, while working and pondering on her son’s memory, she felt an overwhelming love in her heart, she felt a deep breath fill her lungs. She was in the Presence of God and pressed in to hear His voice. 

He said, The vision you saw was true, your son is with me, and he is here now.” Then she heard her son’s voice; he said,

“Mom, you don’t understand why I had to go, but soon you will. I’m not sitting on a cloud playing the harp; I am fighting in the spiritual realms against the evils of this world that rise against you, my wife and children, and sisters, and for the generations after us. Keep praying; prayer is the horn of salvation. Tell my dad I forgive him; I understand now why he had to leave; he is a shield of protection in the earthly realm; The Son of The Shield, thank him for his service. I love you guys, and we will meet again when I return with Jesus; He is coming soon. The physical and spiritual realms go hand in hand, and the three strands aren’t easily broken. God hears your prayers!”