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Domestic Violence Resources

Long Island Treatment Center for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health

I sat in front of the ACCESS representative with tears flowing down my face; I felt ashamed, lost, and hopeless as I told him I had to flee for safety and leave the job I loved for the sake of my co-workers and the children I served. With compassion he gave me hope; he did not shame me; he went beyond and helped me. People say ignorantly that a victim of domestic violence can just leave and start a new life easily. However, that is never the case; victims of domestic violence aren’t just victims of the abuser; they are victims of a society that labels them due to racism, marginalization, and victim blaming, especially for African Americans. I’m glad I checked my spam box and found a new resource to add; we need one another, and together we can tear down STIGMATISM, INEQUALITY, AND INJUSTICE.

The Recovery Villiage at Palmer Lake

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I am so grateful to the men and women who serve and have served our country. Our freedom is not free; it is costly to those who serve, and the debt is never fully paid for those who have lost their lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Maritime Injury Center and The Wounded Warrior Project are full of resources and help for those transitioning from military to civilian life. I am honored to share their links here because of their great sacrifice, and it is the only way I can say, “Thank You for your service!” Please click on the link below for help or give.

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