Mighty Tree

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Mighty Hand of God

Prophetic Poetry

It was dark; I could barely see as I walked a path I knew I had to walk. I could not see where I was going, just light as a path for my feet, nor did I understand why I was walking on this path, but I knew I had to keep walking. Something or someone was leading me, and it was good; I felt safe as I focused on the path lit before me. Again, I did not understand, but I kept moving; that was all I needed to know.
Another tried to keep me from moving forward; a voice disguised as someone near called, “It’s dangerous territory, don’t go!” I stopped for just a moment to breathe and refocus. I looked up and saw trees; countless trees beyond the boundary of the path set before me. All but one of the trees stood tall and thin, with very few branches and leaves. They looked bare, without shade for the birds of the air. The light was still bright at my feet, and a gentle nudge beckoned me on. I was exhausted, and I wanted to quit. The climb became steeper; I needed to rest, but there was no shelter; not a place to relax, underneath the tall slim trees with no shade.
Finally, there it stood, a Mighty Tree, its trunk immeasurable in width. Its branches stretched as far as eternity, so, it seemed. The leaves brought shade and nesting for various birds and their young. The place I needed to be, I found an excellent spot underneath the tree; there seemed to be strong roots on both sides; they looked like Strong Arms, a Refuge, the Shelter I needed indeed.
The Lord Almighty beckoned me on; it was in Him alone, beneath the shadow of His Wings, where I found my rest.
Psalm 63:7, 1Peter 5:6, Psalm 57, Psalm 119:105, Psalm 55