Happy Thanksgiving


pumpkin patch

Photo Credit: Vanessa Delgado

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, and I want to remember those who may be feeling overwhelmed with the dread of another holiday without a loved one, or have felt forgotten due to family feuds, and such; I know the pain too well. I also know that even though you feel the pain, God never forgets, He draws near to the broken hearted. And there are those who have lost a daughter, son, parent, brother, sister, friend, there are no words to bring comfort to your heart, only Jesus can.

There were certain holidays I dreaded in the past, and the depression was just too much for me bear, but Today, today I made the decision to enjoy those whom the Lord surrounds me with.  I pray the Lord gift us with a heart of Forgiveness, Gratitude, Laughter, Peace and Joy. These are the kind of friends I want to entertain in my mind, and heart. I recieve such blessings in Christ Jesus.

I pray the Lord bring Unity, Laughter, Restoration, Healing, Love, Grace, and Peace to the dinner table. May Jesus be seated on the Throne of our hearts, and may His Song of Thanksgiving Rise within and pour out.