Christmas Gift of 2020

Photo Credit: Vanessa Delgado

Holidays can be a tough time of year, and COVID left many in a state of despair and hopelessness. 2020 will be the year everyone would rather forget. However, we can choose to reflect on the life lesson that came out of it. Although the media and politicians continue hammering fear, division, and hate into the minds of many and causing division in our country and, worse, the division of families, the Lord can bring beauty in our ashes if we place our trust in Him. Every storm has a perspective if we allow it to teach us anything. For example, I learned that each moment in life is also a gift from God, and every day is a gift we should tenderly unwrap with gratitude for the people in our lives because we never know if they will be here tomorrow.

As I reflect on God’s Gift of Perfect Love given through Jesus Christ, His reflection in the broken pieces of lives look like stained glass magnify His Joy in some of the worse situations. For example, my baby sister has been fighting cancer for four years, lost her son last December, and remains faithful to the Lord, gives, loves, and encourages. Honestly, for such gifts, it has to be supernatural. My cousin, who is battling cancer, loves life and cherishes every moment, drinks from the rivers of delight through the Holy Spirit and shares His love for every soul when she speaks; her passion and wisdom humbles me. When we talk, she tells me I bless her but has no idea how much she has blessed me with her knowledge, vitality, and seeing the joy of the Lord in and through her is like seeing the Face of God. These are Graces given by God’s Holy Spirit in the darkest places. I have witnessed family and friends come together to support each other through sicknesses, losses, and loneliness. Marriages such as mine beyond repair, healed. Families and relationships healed through repentance; within my family, that too was a gift from God. I saw the reality of evil in the eyes of those who have no regard for their fellow man while killing him, yet the community stood against this evil of racism, and justice prevailed.

The intention of destruction came like a tornado ripping everything apart, yet it has not overcome us. With colder weather and longer nights, not everyone is looking forward to spending Christmas alone and feeling forgotten by loved ones. However, you can be a blessing to others if you reach out for help during this season of your life and begin the healing process through Jesus Christ; He can redeem what was lost, but you have to take the first step by stepping out of the old way and begin putting on the new man. We all have experienced losses. Some allowed bitterness to grow by doing nothing, and some have gone through the painful process of growth as I have done with the help of my counselor, and support from safe people who has experienced the same situations I have. I was amazed that I was never alone and found Christ in the midst of my pain.

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