The Gift of Knowledge and Understanding

The Holy Spirit tenderly spoke Psalm 47 to me. As I opened my Bible and saw the Title, ‘Praise to God, the Ruler of the Earth,” immediately my heart began to rejoice; I marveled about this new day as a gift from above, and what God will bring, doesn’t everyone? Psalm 47 explains Understanding; it describes God’s Greatness and Providence over ALL He has Created, and He is the Universe’s Ruler.

Thomas Aquinas affirms the correlation between the seven virtues and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Gift of Understanding and Knowledge correlates to the virtue of Faith.

Proverbs 1 titles, “The Beginning of Knowledge”

ABBA, to know You is Your desire for all to come to comprehend Your goodness. Every morning, You stretch Your Hand, revealing Your loving kindness and forgiveness through Your Son, Jesus Christ, who came into this world with grace and truth. Your mercy is new every morning, opening the way before us as we look to You.

Heavenly Father, give us Your daily bread, manna from heaven. Please give us the gifts of knowledge and understanding of Your ways and enable us to do Your will by the power of Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, amen.