Not My Blood

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 1 John 5:14
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God; 
that is we ask anything according to His will,
He hears us."

Common comments family members would say if a child were born out of wedlock or if a child was adopted or a stepchild,” he/she is not my blood!” Therefore marginalizing the child within the family unit and society as though we are better than them. We detail how this child became part of the family to satisfy the curiosity of others because of the difference in skin color, looks, etc. Imagine how we grieve the Holy Spirit when we say things like this. After all, Jesus was not of Joseph’s bloodline. We are all adopted through the Blood of Jesus, and there is no other way to the Father.

I pondered God’s Goodness and my gratitude for our upcoming family reunion. Who are multicultural. Our family is huge but not as magnificent as the family of God, who, by the Blood of Jesus, we are all His children. The Bible says there will be MULTITUDES UPON MULTITUDES from every tribe and nation standing before the throne of the Lord in holy adoration, worshipping the Lamb of God who is worthy of all praise and glory and honor and blessings and thanksgiving.

Wow, if only we who are called His children not by human blood but by the BLOOD OF JESUS would consider what He has done to make us a family, what a REUNION WE WOULD HAVE EVEN NOW!

Abba, thank you for sending Your Son that we are called Your sons and daughters through His Blood; we have been adopted into Your kingdom through His Atonement of our sins and the sins of our ancestors. I pray that even now, in adoration, we worship You with our hearts filled with gratitude and love, Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ Name, Amen