Romans 12:9
Let love be without deceit. Be haters of what is evil; keep your minds fixed on what is good. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, remind me to check my heart motives. May I give without strings attached; to control the other, and help me discern the motives of those who are trying to control me through deception. As I look to You for guidance fill my heart with gratitude for Your constant love, protection, and peace with us. Your purpose for my life will prevail; may we stand firm on Your promises. There is no man on earth nor no demon in the realms that can thwart Your purpose for my life, and the lives of my family, in the body of Christ. Your goodness is my hope for a future and the future of all Your saints. Keep us grounded in Your love, in Your Name I pray for all, amen 
body of water between green leaf trees
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