Son Block

closeup of a statue with a coat of arms
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When I came to Lord many years ago, I grew up believing in what God can do. Yes, God can do everything, but I measured His goodness with my limited understanding of His Greatness. Like those who He describes in Isaiah 40 and throughout the Bible who make idols out of wood, they can be burned. Timber to ashes and blown away with the wind. God is Almighty, All Powerful; no man can stand before Him or shelter themselves without being consumed unless he is shielded with the Blood of Jesus Christ, His Son. God’s Son is the only One we believe in to bring glory to God. I often forget that my deeds are like filthy rags and that my sacrifices are useless when I rely on my strength. Like wooden idols, we are dust; to dust, we will return.

Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your Son into this fallen, sin-filled world and rescuing us from the eternal consuming fire with the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I place my faith in Him to bring glory to You. Jesus, be our shield; block our children and us from the enemy and those who wish us harm and destruction. You are Almighty God, Creator of all things in heaven, on earth, and everything within and below. Create in us a pure heart and a steadfast spirit. Cast our enemies behind us as we hold tight to the Living God. Great is Your faithfulness, and Your mercy endures forever. You never get tired of us. You hear our prayers, even the petitions in our hearts where words cannot be spoken, just tears. I am a vessel; fill me with the Light of Your Presence; please don’t let darkness overpower me, Lord; I need You to keep my heart tender toward You and people. I am weary because I have relied on my strength and ignorantly worshipped false gods made by human hands which can hold nothing, not even water. I repent the sin of self-sustainability; You are the Source of all my needs. Please provide all our needs according to Your riches and glory. Good Shepherd, bring comfort to Your people, and give us rest from our troubles and fears; in Jesus, I pray, Amen.