“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
Matthew 6:19 NIV

When I left my home in haste because of the abuse, I left behind most of my belongings and cried to God; it wasn’t fair that my ex would enjoy the fruit of my labor. However, one day while moving into a new place, I realized this new place was fully equipped with everything I needed, and I didn’t have to hire movers or pay for storage for all my treasures. I lifted my hands and praised the Lord Jesus; He knew what I did not. Freedom from slavery from the treasures of my heart that weighed me down and kept me from experiencing the many adventures with Jesus. I don’t miss anything I left behind. My load is lighter, and my chains are broken. I’m not saying to go in haste, but hold things loosely, and if God makes a way of escape from an abusive relationship, run and get help! One of the reasons I stayed was because of my belongings. And pray for me; my adversary still prowls about, even on this blog.

Lord, everything I hold dear to my heart that weighs me down and keeps me from fully living the life of freedom You offer, I lay down and run toward You! Lord, please put a hedge of protection around us and have an army of helpers ready for those seeking safety and care. Thank You, Jesus, amen

Check out the Resources Page if you need help, and if you and your children’s lives are in danger, please call 911. I’m praying for you!

Photo Credit: Janelle Darwish