Evening Praise

One day while conversing with my sister about all my troubles, she told me that Moses faced multiple trials before entering his ministry for God. I had had enough of people telling me that I was training, like boot camp, so I sarcastically reminded her that Moses made himself a wonderful home with his wife, had children and a herd of sheep, and when God called him, he said, “Nah, I’m good, call my brother Aaron.” I was sitting on a recliner, waiting for the doctor to come in and poke my neck with a giant needle. I told my sister I wanted that kind of life with a little white house, a picket fence, and children who danced with the flowers and sang Kumbayah, whatever that meant. So I said, Nah, I’m good; call my sister Vivian.”

However, we don’t live in that kind of world; we live in a world full of demons fighting against God’s children to keep us silent or so comfortable, we overlook those who are suffering either by judging them or acting like we don’t see their suffering, or we become so religious we think God is punishing us, or others. A relationship is built on trust, one stone at a time, and God proved Himself to be a loving God, merciful, compassionate, and faithful to those who seek and trust Him. The Israelites made memorials in honor of God, and what He did for them, and when their children asked what they meant, they told them how God intervened on their behalf. People made images of a god they could see, and they still do to this day; however, God called them to seek Him by faith, and in doing so, He delivered them and guided them daily to share His love for others in this world. Sometimes, we make choices outside of God’s will and suffer the consequences, but even during those times, God helps us and leads us to people who can help us make better choices. My tumors were caused by the stress of living in abuse, which my doctor explained clearly, and advised me to seek help.

I was kidding about Moses, my sister was with me at my doctor’s appointment to have a biopsy done on my neck, and she saw my fear and was trying to comfort me. She and I cannot be in a room together without joking around, and we can’t stop at a dime. The nurse who was trying to prep me and the doctor had to leave the room because they were laughing so hard they couldn’t concentrate; she also had to reschedule my appointment because every time they looked at us, they started laughing again. After we left the room, another nurse walked up and told me she didn’t know what we were laughing about, but our loud laughter penetrated the walls, and she couldn’t help but laugh with us. Tears flowed from her eyes, and she said she needed that for such a long time. I reflected on God’s word; laughter is medicine to the soul.

I didn’t have to go through that scary biopsy that day and thanked God for His intervention, but I also realized that the intervention was not about saving me from that vast needle; the medical staff needed soul healing. Later, I did have to have it done; but that time, they put me to sleep, and my sister couldn’t go back with me; hum, I wonder why? In this picture, my sister was so happy I made her favorite dinner for my birthday; flautas.