A while back, I saw a post on Facebook of a little girl holding her Teddy Bear tightly and Jesus reaching out for it while having an enormous Teddy Bear behind His back. He wanted her to let go to bless her with something better. So much more meaningful than what she held on to but was afraid of letting go.

Two years ago, I lost everything and was homeless, living out of suitcases and sleeping in other people’s homes temporarily, yet constantly aware that anytime soon, I would have to leave. I spent more time in my car, parks, and parking lots than anywhere else. Now, I sit in my little casita with a heart filled with gratitude to our Lord. The things I held on so tightly were pride and self-sufficiency, but when I lost those, He gave me humility and gratitude. I took so much for granted before my losses; now, when I sit down and have a meal on my table, I give a heart-filled thanks to God. When I remember this is my home, not someone else’s home, and everything in it belongs to me, I am genuinely grateful to God because, yes, He is my provider, and no one can take credit for it, not even me. Praise God, for He is a faithful husband, Ishi, Jehovah Jireh.

I pray as we sleep tonight, that our hearts be filled with love and gratitude for our loved ones and that every moment spent be precious. I pray our home be filled with peace, love and life; may the little irrelevant things be overlooked and dismissed, not those who matter most. Be blessed, in Jesus Name, amen

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