Praying and Thinking of You

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Strange that the week of 9-11 is also National Suicide Week. I have learned from the Lord that when I am feeling depressed, I should reach out to others. Maybe we can’t physically reach out, but God can through our prayers for the families who had lost loved ones on this horrific day. Maybe they are thinking, about that last moment they had and did not say, “I love you, or I am sorry, or forgive me, or I forgive you”. Let’s remember them in their struggles to make it through the day.

Pray with me for those who are hurting,
Heavenly Father, we know that You are near to the brokenhearted, and we know that You are a Righteous and Just God. We know that You are full of Mercy and Compassion; we know that we live in a fallen world and with You and in You our hope remains, but Lord for those who don’t know You, make Yourself known to them, and bless them in ways only You know, and they know, so that no one can take credit. Bring comfort in the midst of their sorrows, hope in their despair, and joy in their weakness, and love in their fears.