Would He Be Ashamed of Me

P.F.C. Seth Baker
A.A.B., Alliance, Nebraska

Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

Not my works, because it is Fourth of July weekend, I thought it best to honor our service men and women with the writings of a serviceman shared with me by a fellow serviceman, RGG, in 2010. I would like to pass this on and share this beautiful poem as a blessing to others as it had surely blessed me. Also, I believe he should be honored along with all who have been Watchmen over our Country. Men and women who fought for our Freedom, died for our Liberty, and those who continue serving day and night to keep us safe. I am truly grateful to you, thank you for your service.


Written by:

P.F.C. Seth Baker
A.A.B., Alliance, Nebraska

I am building, ever building,
As I live from day to day,
Something good or something evil,
In the things, I do and say.
Soon I’ll have a finished structure,
Standing for eternity,
But if Christ should look upon it,
Would he be ashamed of me?

There are little seeds of kindness.
That is ready to be sown;
There’s a noble deed that waiting
To be done by me alone.
Some acts break or injure –
Mean and selfish as can be.
If my deeds were known to Jesus,
Would He be ashamed of me?

There are words at random spoken,
That may soothe or wound a heart.
I can never repossess them
Once they form, my lips depart.
Every word can bring some blessing,
Or a cursing it may be.
If He heard the words I’ve spoken,
Would He be ashamed of me?

Up ahead, the road’s dividing;
Here and now, I must decide.
One there is that’s straight and narrow,
While the other’s smooth and wide.
After one of these is chosen,
And I’ve reached my destiny,
When He found me there, I wonder,
Would He be ashamed of me?