What If I said No

What if I stayed home on Thanksgiving Day alone?

 What if I chose not to stay with my friend and share a meal this Thanksgiving Day? 

What if when she told me we were invited to spend our day with her church family, and I declined the invitation?

What if I said No

Although I was okay with spending Thanksgiving day alone this year, I felt okay with it. I didn’t have any motives behind why. I learned to like spending time with myself to reflect and do my inner work; however, I also love spending time with my loved ones when the opportunity arises. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control, so instead of moaning, I chose to make the best of my time. But instead, my friend extended an invitation to me. And her church family extended an invitation to us, and I said yes! But what if I said no because I didn’t know anyone besides my friend because I felt awkward? 

I would have missed out on spending time with my precious friend’s love, wisdom, laughter, warmth, kindness, and hugs.

If I said no, I would have said no to Jesus’ outstretched hands to bless me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. 

I would have missed making new friends who embraced me with God’s loving arms when tears flowed down my cheeks while sharing the things I was grateful for this year. 

I would have missed out on fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

I wouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did. My face hurt from smiling, and I don’t remember talking as much as I did. 

I would have tried something other than new meals. 

I would have missed out on spending time with my daughter-in-law and grandsons. 

I would have missed introducing my sweet friend to my sister and her family.

I would have missed out on a family picnic with my daughter and her family. 

I would have rejected God’s beautiful blessings if I had said no. But I am so happy I said yes to God’s Goodness through friends, new friends, and family!

“No” is a powerful word, but if we choose to say no to the good things the Lord has for us through safe people, we miss out.