Jesus our Deliverer and Redeemer

Judges 5 and 6

God raises a deliverer amongst His people, and He can use the weakest for His purpose and His glory. Gideon was from the lowest tribe and the most vulnerable among his people. God uses Debra and Jael, women, to destroy the enemy. God is the Commander of the Lord’s Army.

Immanuel, God with us, Burn away doubt from within me with the flames of Your Spirit; burn away the idols that turn my eyes away from You, and the strongholds of unbelief, fear, and suspicion that keeps me from living in obedience to You and serving You, Lord. I surrender all of me to You, no matter how small and weak I am. Rise and surround me with men and women of courage who stand up for Your truth and take back what was stolen from us. You are with us, Immanuel. Your grace is sufficient for me; Your power is perfect in my weakness. Praise and Glory are Yours alone, in Jesus’ Name, amen.

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