Ephesians 1:7
In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace.

“Grace defined is a Divine Influence upon my heart that changes my everyday life. The power of it is an influence, not a command.”
Don Nemeth
DNA Counseling.

When Don, my Counselor then, spoke these words to me, I thought about the times I doubted the Holy Spirit’s counsel; He is the Counselor. He guides with mercy, compassion, love, grace, and truth; He is the Spirit of Truth. His words are spoken through our intuition. However, when evil people, i.e., narcissists, manipulate us as satan did in the garden with Eve, we fail to trust our intuition. This is an example of gaslighting. Satan is the father of gaslighting. “The power of God’s counsel is an influence, not a demand, manipulation, guilt, or condemnation.” I finally understood what it means when Jesus says, “if.” This is a choice He presents to us daily.

Adam and Eve were given a choice. The Lord said you could eat anything except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God said, “if” you eat or touch this tree, you will surely die.” But satan twisted God’s words, and he continues to do so today through evil men and women to do his bidding using accusations, blame, assumptions, gaslighting, manipulation, guilt, etc. Jesus also said beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. We also have to check our motives before speaking. Some say I am proud if I say nothing, but God knows my heart.

A choice was given even in Paradise because God wants His image bearers to love Him freely and have a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, unlike those who demand love and loyalty through coercion or manipulation. It saddens God that men and women become stumbling blocks for His children to experience His goodness in His fullness. We are all guilty of sin because we are all sinners, saved only by grace, and deserve the penalty of sin, which is eternal death.

However, grace and truth came into the world through a virgin; a child was born, a King, the King as The Sacrificial Lamb, born in a manger, not a temple, not a palace, but a barn to take away the sins of the world and “If” we confess with our mouth and “If” we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, God Almighty who laid down His life for His friends we will have eternal life in Him and with Him have fellowship Him, and with others, because He works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His good purpose for all humanity.

Heavenly Father, when we allow the deception of religion, tradition, and greed to blind us into believing, You are an unapproachable God, remind us that grace, not our holiness, saves us. Therefore, we believe our redemption was finished on the Cross of Christ. Please give us the gift of Repentance, taking responsibility for our wrongs, asking for the forgiveness of those we wronged, and changing our ways with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Surround us with wise counsel so we can be reconciled with our past mistakes and receive Your mercy and grace. Please help us to discern Spiritual abuse, which uses compliance with artificial laws made by men that keep us living in hell on earth, and the courage to walk away from those who desire to harm Your children.

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