Memorial Day

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When I stand in honor of the Flag of the United States of America, I am not honoring it; for me, it symbolizes the men and women who sacrificed/sacrifice their lives for our Country. My heart swells with gratitude because I, my children, and my grandchildren live in a country with walls built with the blood of those who died for our freedom, the sweat of those who stand watch over those walls day and night, and the tears of the families who gave up their sons and daughters for us. The price of freedom was and is costly.

It is my prayer to God that every person recognizes what we should remember; that our Country was bought with the sacrifice of all Service Men and Women in the Military, Border Patrol, Police Department, Sheriff’s Dept., and countless other entities who uphold our Liberty with Justice for All. My heart is overwhelmed with love and respect for the Warriors who fight daily to protect our freedoms from those who desire to destroy our dignity and respect through control, manipulation, and injustice and for the rights of all to live safely and without fear. Thank you isn’t enough, but it means a lot.

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When I place my hand on my heart, I pray for the families who gave up their sons and daughters so I can have my sons and daughters. It is with humility I stand in silence in remembrance of those who have fought and died for the freedom of the generations after them. Men and Women who knew the possibility of never returning home, but love compelled them. It moved them into action, protecting our Country, the Promised Land, blessed by God Almighty, One nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.

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