Home Is Where The Heart Is

A few of the first pictures for Day’s Journey 2007

It was 2007 when the Lord introduced me to Day’s Journey after I went on a drive, and took some of the most beautiful pictures of the scenery; His beautiful handy work. The mountains and winding roads. Flowers covered the desert like a beautiful quilt with so many vibrant colors. I couldn’t capture all this beauty with my Minolta 35mm camera. At that time cameras took film, and I could only buy a few roles. I remember crying because I had no money to pay for the developed pictures. When I finally had the money, I walked in hoping they weren’t destroyed; Walmart held on to them for a certain amount of time. I was so happy they were still there!

Although I wasn’t a great writer at the time, and I’m not saying I am now, I loved writing; writing is where I find myself talking to Jesus and Jesus, teaching me new perspectives through the typing of each key. Day’s Journey is where my heart is. I’ve shared my journey ever since through storytelling, sharing my failures, milestones, and Greif. The pictures I’ve taken, and others who allowed me to use them here, all have a story of moments inspired by God. I am so grateful they shared them on Day’s Journey.

My heart is breaking to pieces now, because soon this sight won’t be free of Ads. I can’t leave it open for Ads I can not control. When Jesus walked into the temple, He said, “My Father’s house is a house of prayer, and you turned it into a den of thieves!” I can’t, I won’t turn it into a den. I can not afford to pay the premium to keep it as it is clean and well monitored. WordPress has done such a great job, so much so that I not once felt the need to move. Anyhow, when the time is up, I will be closing the sight temporarily until God makes way for me to open it again if that is His will.