Just a Thought

Photo Credit: Lisa Rene FreeBird

Will you be, Just A Thought or a Breath of Fresh Air?

Life is a serious business, not something taken lightly, not for a moment!

Someone takes her first breath, and a final breath breathes one last time.

Yes, some will mourn for you, but unless specific memories arise about you, a choke followed by a tear or two, you become like a passing breeze—a feather in the wind, a twig brushing past in a river.

Just a thought

What kind of mark will you leave engraved on the hearts of those you have encountered? Would it be family or the mass of people you have passed on the street?

Did you smile first, causing the mountain of anger in one’s heart to melt like wax?

How about the woman’s hand you comforted as she mourned, and you said nothing but spoke volumes into her life?

How about that child you took the time to read to or the grown man you taught how to read?

The dog who followed you home and you gave him home instead of sending him to the pound.

Did you engrave in the heart love, or did you engrain the seed of hatred?

Did you engrave mercy, or did you engrain the seed of selfishness?

Did you engrave compassion or engrain the seed of hostility?

If you picture your life as a barn for seeds, what kind of grain will produce through you?

If you were a riverbed, what kind of water would flow through you? 

What type of water would others drink if you were a cup?

My Son, I think of you every day, and as I breathe, your memories refresh me.

I hear your voice in the wind and see your smile through my tears. Although my heart aches for you, I am grateful I had you even for a little while.

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  1. These are wonderful thoughts, Lisa, very encouraging and inspiring! Such a good reminder that the little things we do can make a big difference to someone. Blessings to you!

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