Merry Christmas

First I am grateful to the Lord for His Grace by sending His Son, Jesus Christ. This Christmas was a sign of that Grace shown to Jess and Me by giving us a Renewed Life in Him. The effects of sin are extremely painful and lonely; I KNOW, but now I know the effects of His Mercy and Grace throughout this past year. Jess and I are New in Christ, and no one can take the credit but God Himself; I don’t where, what, or how, but I KNOW, and no one can take this from Jess and Me. I never knew what true liberty was until now, and seeing my husband and our own children happy, confident, and free causes my own heart to rejoice. These Gifts from God I will treasure forever in my heart. It truely is a Merry Christmas!

Photo Credit: Lisa Rene Delgado
Ohoto Credit: Janelle Darwish