I Loved Them Anyway

Some would think I live a life of denial; I am ignorant of the wrongs inflicted upon me.
Yet, I choose to love them anyway.
They say I am blind; I cannot see.
Oh, but I see; I see every wrong and unjust thing. The crimes committed were committed against me. Yet I chose to love them anyway.

The pain is real; how would or could I ever deny the slanderous words were like stones thrown at me. The pain was real; the scares on my heart, no one could see.
With defamatory comments, they shamed and dishonored me.

My ears never cease to hear the things said and left alone in a pool of tears from the lies their lips had spoken of me.
Yet, I chose to love them anyway.

I see clearly; my eyes aren’t blind to every wrong and unjust thing. Yet, I chose to love them anyway.
Whose hearts were cold, they turned their face and walked away. I called to them in my time of need. Instead, they laughed and mocked as they walked away,
yet I chose to love them anyway.

My eyes searched far and wide for a familiar face to remember me.

I knocked and knocked on the door of their hearts; who would come an rescue me?
So I sat alone in this dark and lonely place, yet my thoughts and prayers were to love them anyway.

My eyes aren’t blind to their actions and deeds; I see clearly, that every unjust thing said and done to the weak, the poor, and the abandoned was done to Me. Yet, I chose to love them anyway.

Abandoned by those I love, and the pain of rejection I felt was and is undeniably real, yet, I chose to love them by coming to earth in human flesh to share in the suffering of all humanity.
The pain I endured with chains on My feet, I walked up the hill, carrying the Cross for the sins of world. The stripes I bore, long and deep, beaten and blooded for humanity.

I carried the Cross that was meant for them—their punishment, their shame, was laid on Me.

They laughed and sneered, and spit on Me as I walked the walk to set them free.
The road ahead carved sorrow and pain, I could have left, yet I chose to walk it all the way.

This broken road up Calvary Hill paved the way for humanity, My blood was spilt to set you free. The love I have for a broken world, I continue to call to come to Me.
The death of a criminal awaited Me. One who never sinned, sin I became to set you free.
Every whip that ripped My body I paid the price for all your iniquities.
You laughed and sneered as I hung bare on a tree for your every shameful deed.

As Shame and Humiliation sneer at you; it has no power against the KING OF KINGS.
The Nails they hammered in My hands and feet were the price I paid for every wicked and evil deed.

He had seen and heard every unjust thing. The things we’ve said, the pain we caused.
He hears, He sees, His eyes aren’t blind, yet He chose to love us anyway.

He sent His Son to die a criminal’s death for you and me, the curse he bore as a crown of thorns the iniquities passed down since Adam and Eve, was place on His head for humanity, the blood He shed has washed us clean.

He Lives, He Reigns in the Heavens above, and Lives, He Reigns in you and me.

We are Free, and Redeemed through Christ the KING.